Thunderfunk TFB750-A

Hi Dave,

today I got my used TFB750-A and I must say, I am deeply impressed.

That's a very fine amp, I love the punchy bottom and the warm singing mids
and highs. The basic sound of this amp is much more "rock" than I
expected. Which is good, because a sound with a broad range of mids
delivers a good slap tone and makes the bass hearable in the context of a

I owned and own a lot of big bass heads (Trace Elliot RAH 600,
GallienKrueger 1001, Genz Benz 1200, EBS Fafner, several preamps with some
big power slaves) and I must say, that the Thunderfunk delivers the tone,
that I dialed in with the other amps, immediately whith eq set flat. Very

Let me talk about the bass range and the advanced tone sculptering
capabilities: the bass frequencies a very clean but somehow "warm". You
can get them supertight and punchy (to a degree that hurts) or wide and
boomy, but they never loose definition. Turn the TIMBRE between 10:00 and
11:00 and you'll notice a fat rock and blues sound. Turn it full to the
right and compensate the loss in bass frequencies by pumping the bass knob
up to 16:00 and you get a perfect J-Bass killer.

What I noticed:

- first: the amp never distorts, never ever. Which is a good thing.
Sometimes I want do dial in some real mud and grit. I look forward to
check some stompboxes with it.

- second: I play (in one of my three bands) very loud and very fast
punkrock, 123,8dB(A) in front of the stage. We use not much distortion,
only a bit of grit and dirt, so the sound remains very dynamic. The
Thunderfunk delivers flawless at this high volumes. I use 2 cabs (Sieben
Audio Design, 2x10" and 2x12") with an total impedance of 2 ohms.
Occasionally the Thunderfunk got sort of hot. I wasn't aware, that the
chassis is used as a heat sink, which is clever design (the surface is
already there, so let's use it).

- third: the changes in tonal colour when switching pickup combinations or
working with the tone pot (I integrated a Stellartone ToneStyler in my Le
Fay Herr Schwarz Sixstring) are more dramatic then with any other amp I
tried. The amp really puts the character of the instrument upfront.

I look forward using the amp for my disco-funk-band, emulating growling
70s P-Bass-slap and 90s pumping Jamiroquai'esque 16th dancegrooves.

Marc Blum
Aachen, Germany